Issue: Android users cannot connect to Wireless on Cisco Meraki APs

This article is to be used as a short reference guide on how to manually set up a WPA2-Enterprise with RADIUS Authentication (IEEE 802.1X) wireless profile on Android devices. This profile will allow the client devices to connect to the SSIDs configured with WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X authentication as the association requirement.

1. At the home page, navigate to Settings.

2. Navigate to Wi-Fi > Add Wi-Fi network.

3. Enter the Network SSID name and choose 802.1x EAP from the Security drop-down menu.

4. Choose PEAP from the EAP method drop-down menu.

5. Choose MSCHAPV2 from the Phase 2 authentication drop-down menu.

6. Enter the domain and username in the Identity field. Use the domain/username format.
Note: If the SSID is Meraki Authentication, the Identity field should contain the email address used for the Meraki Auth account.

7. Enter the password for the corresponding username in the password field.

8. Optionally, check the Show Password check-box to verify that the password was entered correctly.

9. Press Save in order to save the changes.




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