in a nutshell

I am Mark Tugbo. A Cybersecurity and Network/Security Engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Fresh out of College, I worked for Philippine Airlines as a Data Communications Tech from 2005-2007 and Network Operations Analyst I/II (NOC) from 2007-2014. Worked for a total of 8 years, 6 months and 3 days for Asia’s first airline which I truly enjoyed and developed myself from being “airplane fanboy” into an “aviation enthusiast” while enjoying my work with my other passion which is “computers”and “networks”. At one point, I have become a “satellite hobbyist”, scanning the sky for any interceptable satellite signals using my little rusty Ku-band satellite dish. Another hobby I enjoy is collecting diecast aircraft on 1:400 scale, my collection counts 80 aircraft models.

Moved to New Zealand in January 2014, and 6-weeks later joined a then-kiwi-owned Network Security Management firm Mako Networks that offers Security-As-A-Service (SaaS) to its clients, I joined the company as a Tier-3 Support Engineer and eventually as a Firewall Engineer when the team then downsized from a team of 16 to a team of 5 after company implemented reorganization, however, few weeks later, the company eventually went into receivership and liquidation in August 2015, that shut down its office in Auckland, but retained its operations out of London, UK, San Francisco, California and Elgin, Illinois.

That led me to become an Originite 3 weeks later, in September 2015 to Origin IT as a Network Engineer. OriginIT along with humIT and Origin Security, are Managed Service Provider that offers IT Services, Security, Support and Consulting and delivering IT excellence to NZ Small & Medium Enterprise (SME’s). I did BAU and Project Delivery for OriginIT/OriginSecurity’s clients and shares some of my knowledge and lessons I learn along the way that I think that may be helpful to others as I started this website which also serves as my own personal but public wiki Knowledgebase. 🙂

From late 2018, I moved to work in a Cybersecurity Engineer role with one of the biggest financial companies in New Zealand.