My Aircraft Diecast Model Collection Masterlist

This page is the masterlist of all my aircraft diecast model collection. I started collecting 1:400 diecast models in 2009 with a Dragonwings Asiana Airbus A330-300 model I bought from a hobby store in Cubao, Quezon City. Then an Etihad A340-600 also from Dragonwings a few weeks later, then a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Dragonwings and list continues. As of writing, June 2022, I’ve got 127 models, most of them 1:400. Below is the masterlist of my collection. I am open to offers if anyone is interested to buy as I might be willing to let go of some depends on whats the offer on the table.

NumberAirlineTypeRego / LiveryManufacturerLink
1Asiana AirlinesA330-300DW
2Saudi Arabian AirlinesB747-400DW
3SAMA AirlinesB737-300Unknown
(odd scale)
5SriLankan AirlinesA330-200DW
6Thai Airways InternationalA340-500DW
8Gulf AirA330-200DW
9Gulf AirA340-300DW
10LAN ChileA340-300DW
12Thai Airways InternationalA300-600DW – 1990s livery
13Garuda IndonesiaMD11DW
14Vietnam AirlinesA321-200GJ
15Vietnam AirlinesB777-200ERGJ
16Malaysia AirlinesB777-200ERDW
17Garuda IndonesiaA330-200
18Philippine Airlines B777-300ER*1:500
19Philippine Airlines B777-300ER*1:500
20Philippine AirlinesA340-300*1:500
21Philippine AirlinesA330-300*1:500
22Virgin AtlanticA340-600
23Philippine AirlinesMD-11DW
24Cathay PacificA340-600
25Cathay PacificB747-400
26China Southern AirlinesA320-200DW
27Royal Brunei AirlinesB767-300DW
28British AirwaysB747-400GJ
29Qatar AirwaysB777-300ERDW
30Kuwait AirwaysB777-200ERGJ
32Delta AirlinesB747-400GJ
33JAL Japan AirlinesB747-400Yokoso Japan titles
34EVA AirB747-400
35Continental AirlinesB737-800
36Hawaiian AirlinesB767-300ERGJ
37Zest AirA320-200GJ
38Cebu PacificA320-200
39Korean AirB777-300DW
40Air MacauA321-200DW
41Air MacauA320-200DW
43China AirlinesB737-800
44Singapore AirlinesA380-800
46Hong Kong ExpressB737-800 WL
47Philippine AirlinesA340-200DW
48Philippine AirlinesA340-300GJ
49Philippine AirlinesA340-300DW
50Philippine AirlinesA319-100DW Custom
51Philippine AirlinesB777-3000ERN777PRGJ FictionalSOLD
52Philippine AirlinesB747-400N751PR
53Philippine AirlinesB747-400RP-C7475
54Philippine AirlinesB747-400RP-C8168AC
55Philippine AirlinesDC-8
56Philippine AirlinesDC-10DW
57Philippine AirlinesDC-3
58Philippine AirlinesConvair 340
59Philippine AirlinesQ400RP-C3030GJ
60Philippine AirlinesQ400RP-C3030GJ (Damaged)
61Philippine AirlinesA330-300 GEF-DW
62Philippine AirlinesA330-300 GEF-DW
65Air ChinaB737-800 WL
66ANA All Nippon AirwaysB767-300ERYokoso Japan titles
67Jetstar AustraliaA320-200AC
68Singapore AirlinesB777-300ER9V-SQHPH
69Tiger Airways SingaporeA320-200
70Philippine AirlinesA320-200RP-C8615GJ – 70th anniversary titles
71Airphil ExpressA320-200RP-C3227GJ
72Cebu PacificATR 72-500RP-C7250GJ – 2008 livery
74Korean AirB747-400HL7491DW – Starcraft livery
75Philippine AirlinesA320-200RP-C8615GJ – 70th anniversary titles
76Philippine AirlinesA330-300
77Pan AmB747-100vintage and odd scale
1970s livery
78Philippine AirlinesA321-200 SL RP-C9907
79Philippine AirlinesB777-300ERRP-C7777
80Philippine AirlinesB777-300ERRP-C7773GJ – 75th anniversary titles
81Cebu PacificA320-200 SLRP-C4107PH
82KLMA330-200PH-AOAPPC 1:200 snap-in plastic
83Philippine AirlinesA350-900RP-C3501GJ
84Philippine AirlinesA330-300 PWGJ
85Air New ZealandB777-300ERPPC 1:200 snap-in plastic
“All Blacks” livery
86Air New ZealandB777-300ERZK-OKRAPOLLO
87Air New ZealandB787-9ZK-NZDPH
88Philippine AirlinesA321 neoRP-C9930
89Cebu PacificA321 neoRP-C4118PH
90Air Tahiti NuiB787-9PH
91China Southern AirlinesB787-9PH
92Malaysia AirlinesA350-9009M-MABPH
93Cathay PacificA350-1000B-LXAJC
94China Eastern AirlinesA330-200B-5961PH
95EVA AirB777-300ERZK-OKTAir New Zealand Dry Lease Rego
96United AirlinesB767-300N653UADW – Star Alliance 2001 livery
97Turkish AirlinesA321-200TC-JRODW – Euroleague livery 2001
98EVA AirMD-11B-16103JX – 2003 livery
99Air Asia XA330-3009M-XAADW – 2010 special lvery
100Air New ZealandA320 neoZK-NHAPH
101Air New ZealandA321 neoZK-NNBPH
102Singapore AirlinesA350-9009V-SMUJC
104Fiji AirwaysA350-900DQ-FAJPH
105Air ChinaB787-9B-7877PH
107Saudi Arabian AirlinesB777-300ERHZ-AK44PH – “Saudia” titles
109Cebu PacificA330-900neoRP-C3900PH
110Philippine AirlinesA321-200RP-C9901GJ
111Malaysia AirlinesB737-800 SL9M-MXADW

upcoming models:

Cebu Pacific A320-200 PH 2008 livery “”
Scoot A320-200 PH
Jetstar Japan A320-200 PH
Jetstar Asia A320-200 AC “ titles”
Jetstar Australia A320-200 PH “ black titles”
Air Asia Malaysia A320-200 GJ
Royal Brunei A320neo GJ
Asiana A321neo
Jeju Air B737-8MAX
Xiamen Airlines B737-8MAX
Turkish Airlines A350-900 PH
Thai Airways International A350-900 PH
Japan Airlines B787-9
Air New Zealand ATR 72 JCWings ZK-MVB
Qantas B737-800 1990s livery GJ
Qantas B737-800 2010 livery
Qantas B737-800
Qantas A330-200 Starlux A321neo
Air New Zealand ATR 72 JCWings ZK-MCY

Hawaiian A330-200 GJ
Aircalin A320neo
China Airlines A350-900
Gulf Air B787-9
Kuwait Airways B777-300ER
Qatar Airways A350-1000/B777-300ER/B787
Oman Air B787-9


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