How to reset password on HP Aruba 2540 / 2500-series switches

If you forgot your login credentials to your Aruba or HP Switch without doing the usual password-recovery steps. The easiest way is to reset the passwords by pressing the CLEAR button on the front panel for not less than 5 seconds,  but not more than 15 seconds, of course you must have a physical access to the switch to do this.

While pressing it, you will notice the panel lights will blink as it reboots or your Console session will show rebooting logs and messages, and as soon as it completes the reboot, you will be logged on to switch without being ask for username and password. 🙂


This front-panel password clear feature is enabled by default to allow this way of resetting the password.

Some administrators would prefer to disable this function for security.

Disabling the password recovery process means that the only method for recovering from a lost manager username (if configured) and password is to reset the switch to its factory-default configuration, removing any non-default configuration settings.

You can disable this feature by using the following command:


[no] front-panel-security password-recovery

Enables or disables the ability to recover a lost password.

Here are the other functions of the HPE Front Panel Security

Front-panel button functions

Clear button

Pressing the Clear button alone for one second resets the password(s) configured on the switch.

Clear button

Clear button

Reset button

Pressing the Reset button alone for one second causes the switch to reboot.

Reset button

Reset button

Restoring the factory default configuration

You can also use the Reset button together with the Clear button (Reset+Clear) to restore the factory default configuration for the switch. To do this:

  1. Press and hold the Reset button.

  2. While holding the Reset button, press and hold the Clear button.

  3. Release the Reset button.

  4. When the Test LED to the right of the Clear button begins flashing, release the Clear button.

    It takes approximately 20-25 seconds for the switch to reboot. This process restores the switch configuration to the factory default settings.


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