Understanding SPAN,RSPAN,and ERSPAN

Introduction: Switch port Analyzer (SPAN) is an efficient, high performance traffic monitoring system. It duplicated network traffic to one or more monitor interfaces as it transverse the switch. SPAN is used for troubleshooting connectivity issues and calculating network utilization and performance, among many others. There are three types of SPANs supported on Cisco products, which … Continue reading Understanding SPAN,RSPAN,and ERSPAN

Fortigate: Web Filtering is “Unreachable”

Came across this problem that I am unable to use "Web  Filtering" feature on my Fortigate 200B on Firmware 5.2.11 Web Filter error shows the following error before you can create a profile. Licensing information on Fortigate Portal shows I am licensed to use Web Filtering, but on my local firewall error shows "Unreachable" Things … Continue reading Fortigate: Web Filtering is “Unreachable”