Tricks: 6 handy and simple tools in Network troubleshooting

  1. Sweep Ping.

If you want to check all the devices on the LAN Network by doing a sweeping ping to all the IPs in a given /2 subnet.

for /L %a in (1,1,254) do @ping -n 1 192.168.1.%a|find “TTL”

Just replace the 192.168.1 with your first three octets.

2. DIsplay your machines Routing Table using route print command on the Command Line.

route print

Machine or Server routes too lengthy? Output it in a text file.

route print > text.txt

3. netstat

4. PsExec \\MachineName ipconfig /all
Download PsExec:

5.  Know your public IP via Command Line:




6. Use Netstat to See Listening Ports and PID in Windows

netstat -a -n -o


More advanced troubleshootinh here soon! (Use PID)


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