Eternal Blues – a free EternalBlue vulnerability scanner

So, I came across this new tool that scans for vulnerability on your network against EternalBlue (the exploited tool used as a framework for many, if not most, of the well-known Ransomwares around)  called EternalBlues.exe developed by Elad Erez. Here are some tips from Elad before running the tool: Tips If you’re about to run … Continue reading Eternal Blues – a free EternalBlue vulnerability scanner

Petya, NotPetya Security Recommendations

Prevention To proactively prevent from being attacked by this Petya-family of malware or mitigate the damage: Keep your computer with the latest patch, especially apply Microsoft Windows security update MS17-010. Enable the Windows Firewall to block incoming requests to ports 135, 139, and 445. Disable SMBv1 in Windows Segment your network into multiple network … Continue reading Petya, NotPetya Security Recommendations