Cybersecurity Podcasts

Over the past few years, podcasts have grown from ‘no-view’ to ‘go-to’ for both news and information, whilst we are plugged in and on the move, we have the time to listen but not to look at our sources of data.

Cybersecurity and Information Security podcasts haven’t exactly been a driving force in the surge of popularity in podcasts. For the amateur or the expert, cybersecurity podcasts can provide great value. It’s a special niche that’s being executed by international experts, in the know enthusiasts, real world executors and security providers.

Here’s our list in no particular order of the cybersecurity and InfoSec podcasts to watch in 2019

1. CyberHub Engage

CyberHub Engage is one of the most comprehensive podcasts available. It features interviews with experts from various sectors – both private, and public and even government agencies. It gives the listener a perspective on many important topics – from cyber security startup to automation in the cyber industries to applications of cyber security in the military. 

2. The CyberWire

The CyberWire is one of the top cyber security podcasts that offers a digest of all the top cyber news happening from around the globe. It is presented by David Bittner from Pratt Street Media and publishes episodes daily in the afternoon east coast time. It’s a great podcast to listen to on your commute or if you want to stay up to date with the most important news in the industry.

3. Root Access 

Root Access is a podcast that is created by one of the industry’s leading companies – Cisco. It’s hosted by security researcher Josh Pyorre and its ideal for people that want to learn about overarching developments in the cyber space that shift the course of the internet and how they impact people’s daily lives. 

4. Security Now! 

Security Now! Is a weekly podcast that is focused on teaching their listeners on personal cyber security. In other words, the podcast is focused on problems that may arise with one’s cyber defenses and how to fix them. It’s presented by the energetic duo of Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte and presents some really valuable information to help people protect their digital devices.

This is my go-to comfort-podcast. Usually a around 2-hours long podcast, its a good podcast to accompany you on your way to work. I used to put this on my morning drive for two days (my usual drive to work was around 30 mins to 1 hour) when I was still driving from West Auckland to OriginIT in Auckland CBD. Now I live 5 minutes away from the office so I usually just put my headphones on my office desk and have Steve Gibson talk in the background while I work (This proves to be bit difficult as you need to be good at multitasking)

5. Security Weekly

Security Weekly is one of the oldest cyber security podcasts out there in that it covers a broad range of topics from IT security, vulnerabilities, research, hacking and other related topics. It’s designed to help its global audience grow and learn to become adept security professionals. This podcast is hosted by Paul Asadoorian and has been going strong for 11 years. 

6. Risky Business 

Risky Business was established in 2007 and has quickly become one of the top security podcasts. It’s known for its highly competent interview guests that give tremendously helpful opinions on current industry trends and solutions to issues. It’s also done in a very lighthearted manner that leaves the listener informed and delighted at the same time. 

These are some of our favorite cyber security podcasts, and this list is just a drop in the ocean of available resources. Regardless of your skill level or particular interest, it’s time to jump in and learn to swim.  


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